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We have a range of Video Editions to suit your needs

with our Full Day Wedding Film Coverages starting at $3950

Please complete the enquiry form on the Contact page to gain access to our complete price list.


Please click here to access our price list once you have received a password.



Why should I have my wedding professionally filmed? Most brides and grooms say "my wedding day was a blur a day in fast forward, the whole wedding day just flew", this is not surprising as one of the biggest regrets brides and grooms have after their wedding is their decision not to have a professional wedding film. A wedding is full of once-in-a-lifetime moments that should be captured.


Will you have a low key presence on our wedding day? Absolutely. Most brides and grooms remark that they didn't notice we were there and are surprised by the extensive coverage of the wedding day. Our wedding films are unique in the style of capturing the candid and fun moments of your wedding day, Brides have told us how much they appreciated this.


How do you get along with the wedding photographers you work with? Very well. Most of the high end wedding photographers refer us and are pleased and impressed with our ability to work well together, especially since we don't use a lot of lights.


Is there a limit to how many photo locations you travel to on our wedding day? No, we will travel to as many different locations you require, capturing all your wedding moments spent in Sydney


What type of equipment will you use to capture our wedding Day? We use Canon, Panasonic or Sony 35mm Cameras. Our equipment is of the highest quality. This, combined with our Mac Based Nonlinear Editing systems, insures the most artistic and highest quality wedding film possible.


What about the audio quality of our wedding vows? Your wedding vows will sound just as you spoke them. We use a wireless mic system on the groom to pick up every word that you the Bride & Groom speak.


Will you bring back-up equipment to our wedding? Yes. We bring two of all of the necessary components to insure a flawless quality recording wedding film.


On the Wedding day will you be professional in your appearance? Absolutely. Our professional camera crew take great pride in presenting themselves with the utmost class and style and always have a positive presence on the wedding day.


Why is music so important to my wedding video? Music is 50% of your wedding film and we recommend you select a variety of sound tracks to suit the varying emotional content of the wedding film.


How soon before my wedding should I book? Popular summer dates usually get booked out quickly so early bookings are strongly recommended. It is not uncommon for us to receive wedding video bookings a year or more in advance. It is advisable that you contact us as soon as possible to secure your wedding date.


It is also important to remember that we limit the number of weddings we do a year to ensure each individual video we produce is of a highest quality

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